Evaluation of the „Indigenous Missionary Project“– Program of the European Baptist Federation

Beschreibung: The Review team will evaluate the IMP-program after ten years of its existence. The team will elaborate its methodology which will become material in a questionnaire they send to all concerned. They will consult with participating EBF Unions 2002-2012, funding partners, members of the IMP Management  Committee, church planters/missionaries, EBF Unions in general, the EBF General Secretary and any other individuals or organisations whom the Group finds it useful to consult. Its goal is to review all aspects of the IMP Project 2002-2012 and to make recommendations for its future development and in particular to comment on the following: the methodology of IMP, the effectiveness of IMP in terms of the ongoing life of the planted churches, the challenges and possible weaknesses of IMP, the work of the IMP Coordinator, the partnership with participating EBF Unions, the partnership with funding partners.

Stichwörter: Missionsgeschichte, Kontextualität

Vorträge aus 2012-2016:

Kißkalt, Michael: Intercultural Sensitivities in the Church, EBF Ratstagung, Bratislava, 27.9.2013 (Vortrag)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Pastoral Education and Integration of Leaders of International Churches“, EBF Mission Conference, Wien, 8.6.2013 (Vortrag)

Kißkalt, Michael: Council der EBM International, Skien/Norwegen, 2.-4.5.2013 (Moderation)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Value and Limits of Culture“; EBF Mission Conference, Wien, 5.6.2013 (Vortrag)

Kißkalt, Michael: Modèles de développement de l’Eglise, Baptistische Pastorenkonferenz, Paris, 18.-19.3. (Vorträge)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Value and Limits of Culture“, Konferenz des norwegischen Baptistenbundes, Oslo, 9.2.2013 (Vortrag)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Communication Interculturelle“, Institut Biblique et Théologique de Bochum, Bochum, 25.-26.4.2014 (Vorträge)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Missional Leadership“; Missionstagung der Europäischen Baptistischen Föderation, 13.-16.5.2012, Arad/Rumänien (Vortrag und Moderation)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Church Planting“; Ratstagung der Europäischen Baptistischen Föderation, Elstal, 28.9.2012 (Seminar)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Défi de l’Islam“; Fortbildungstagung belgischer Baptistenpastoren, Weltersbach, 2.-4.4.2012 (Vorträge und Seminare)

Kißkalt, Michael: „Communication Interculturelle“; Institut Biblique et Théologique de Bochum, 3.3.2012 (4 Unterrichtseinheiten)

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